Missing Links in Freud's Explanation

Freud's diagnoses of paranoia and paranoid schizophrenia bypassed depression because because Mourning and Melancholia was yet to come, following Maeder's and Abraham's psychoanalytic contributions on depression.

Also missing were the role of Schreber's conflicts, in reality and in transference with:

  • with mother, not mentioned at all;
  • conflicts, real and transferential, on the job;
  • with wife;
  • with Flechsig and Weber;
  • life in the asylum, the kernel of reality in soul murder;
  • repressed and manifest aggression and rage.

Freud did acknowledge that the fantasy of turning into a woman, completing the arc of the prodromal feminine daydream, was a self-healing refinding of a lost human relatedness. It embodied Schreber's identification with woman in which cross dressing is an issue of gender identity in the context of heterosexual, not homosexual, conflicts. The text follows.